DÉDALES ◌ The Hamadcha Brotherhood of Fès

DÉDALES ◌ The Hamadcha Brotherhood of Fès

Fès, Morocco
May 2017

Documentary on the Hamadcha, the main Sufi brotherhood of the ancient city of Fès, and their healing trance rituals

A site-specific creation for the World Sacred Music Festival of Fès /// 5 days filming and editing to create a live cinema performance with the brotherhood on stage /// more infos on https://petitesplanetes.earth/creations/fes and http://fesfestival.com/2017/event/dedales-creation-cinematographique-et-musicale-pour-f ...

Film to be released soon, part of a large documentary collection on Sufism around the world

watch the teaser of the live performance here - https://vimeo.com/771964905