October 2021
Caen, Normandie

TREK DANSE is a festive and inclusive walk. A neo-folklore which changes with each of the immersions offered by Robin Decourcy and his surprise guests: choreographers, musicians, circus artists. Practice inspired by post-modern dance, the history of trance and nomadism, this set of multi-sensory experiences is presented in the form of games, scores and more archaic rites, Different proprioceptive techniques such as empathic duets , occult explorations, murmurations are offered in resonance with selected landscapes. During the course, certain breaks allow participants to explore more intensely their capacity for perception, relationship and composition with the ecosystem present. Ambitioning, in a broader way, to transpose poetic actions in the emotional body and the social body, the Trek Danse opened up to great immersive performances in which the public is caught in an enchanted scenario where the real and the fiction are found strangely intertwined. The atmosphere is respectful and benevolent, open to gender issues, our animality, our impulses, and various states of consciousness and body.

Produced by the CCNC Normandie